There is only ever NOW.

My commitment as your coach is that you will gain clarity, expansion, and a deeper presence in your life. 

What clients are saying…


I am honored to count on Juliana as my life and wellness coach. Working with her has changed my life for the better both on a personal and professional level.  Her positive energy, spiritual strength, wisdom, intuitiveness, openness, serene nature and human warmth have allowed me  to gain a deeper understanding of myself and to unlock hidden parts of me that have gradually healed. I was in a very dark place when I started working with her, I was struggling as a single parent to make ends meet, hating my job and immersed in self-pity. Today I am a more confident, grounded person who has learned a lot about setting healthy boundaries with others. I feel beautiful inside out and I feel very enthusiastic about my job and my relationships. Thank you Juli you have given me wings to soar at altitudes I would have never dared to go. I am more free and vital. Thank you for shedding a light into my life.”

Carolina S.


Like many others, I have needed a guide in my life to make sense of the events that I cannot control. The loss of loved ones, unfair dismissals or creative blocks have affected me at various times in my life, but having the right word and attentive listening, I have managed to turn the page and put my path back on track. I have found all this in Juliana.

Rocío C.


I reached out to Juliana as a life coach because I was living in survival mode and quickly heading towards burn out. I constantly felt anxious and overwhelmed with no sense of balance. This directly affected my health from my weight gain to low mood and energy. 

I can best describe our sessions as a circle of empathy with a loving kick in the butt. Juli created a safe space to work through past issues that prevented me from growing. She  provided support and tools that empowered me to begin taking intentional steps towards building a more loving life for myself. Our meetings helped me shift my perspective from fearing the idea of change to seeing it as a potential for a beautiful transformation. We are all a work in progress. Sometimes we just need someone to take those first few steps with us before we realize we are ready to shine.

Jada T.

You know that person in your circle that you always go to when you need a listening ear?  That was my role from an early age, since I was a kid really. I can remember always helping my friend’s with whatever they were going through and knowing that this is something that would always be a part of my life. I’ve always loved hearing people’s stories, what they’re going through and helping them to work through it.

“Many times an outside perspective is exactly what a person needs. “

I began practicing mindfulness almost two decades ago and this practice is something I truly believe can transform lives. My mindfulness-based life coaching practice is a place where non-judgement and being present is the foundation. Where together, we can work through whatever might be holding you back from living your best life. Because it’s not just about surviving your life, it’s about thriving in it. My goal is to help you be absolutely in love with your life!



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